Fabric expansion joints

We offer flexible connections of pipelines and ducts in industrial installations. They ensure correct compensation of heat transfer of mechanical channels of fumes, gas, hot air and other media. Our compensators have many advantages, among which one should distinguish:

  1. No asbestos or other harmful materials in their construction.
  2. They are based on the highest quality silicate, aramid, glass, aluminosilicate and other fabrics that will ensure proper operation of your installation.
  3. Can be used at very high temperatures, up to 1000 degrees Celsius, and with varying overpressure – up to 1 or 3 bar (depending on construction).
  4. Their production is based on individual needs of our customers and is implemented using the best available technology.
  5. Takes traction in different directions and absorbs shakes of connected channels.
  6. Noise reduction.
  7. Easy to install and trouble-free repair or maintenance.


We also offer assembly or assembly supervision after you have purchased our compensators. Our solutions are widely used in refineries, chemical plants, power plants, paper mills, brickworks and cement plants, and even in the shipbuilding industry.

Basic materials used to build expansion joints:

Farbic Thermal resistance in C Details
Polyester 150 High tensile strength
Glass E type 450 Weak acids and alkalis, good insulating properties
Glass HT type 700 High thermal resistance, good insulation properties
Silicate 1000 Najlepsze właściwości w zakresie wysokich temperatur
Aramid 250 High mechanical resistance
Ceramic (reinforced) 1260 Good thermal insulation
chrome-nickel net 800 Stabilizes the shape of the compensator, transfers the pressure load
Polyester with PVC 70
Aramidowa with silicone 180
Glass with silicone 200 Weak alkali and acids, UV resistance
Glass with PTFE 260 High chemical resistance to almost all media
Glass with aluminum foil 600 Has a high thermal reflectance capability